I Hear Pitter Patter of Little Feet

In case you haven't noticed, being a photographer is a pretty fun gig. I feel so lucky to part of people's lives in this way. I'm able to see some pretty sweet interactions between parents and their children. I also really enjoy most of the crazy and adorable faces that kids make when they're just being themselves. The kids definitely give me a run for my money, but I just take it as a challenge.

Last Saturday, I went out with Leah, JP, and Jonathan. It was very bright outside, even at 9 in the morning. We had to find some shade, so this little guy wouldn't be so squinty. Thankfully, we got a few great shots. Here are a couple of my favorites.



It seems like more random people have yelled at me this week than ever before. Well, it was really only two, but I still don't like it.

A couple of days ago, I was merging onto the interstate. When I check out my rear view mirror, I noticed that there was a police officer in the lane I was merging into. I had enough room without cutting him off, and I even used my blinker to make my move. He immediately sped up behind me (literally like 2 inches from my bumper), and began yelling at me. Gratefully, I couldn't hear the types of things he was saying as he frantically motioned me to get out of his way. I obliged, but I went into the opposite lane that he was motioning me toward. I guess he felt like I did cut him off-who knows?

This morning, I was going through the toll plaza to make my way to the east bank. For some reason, my toll tag did not work, so I hesitated at the end of the lane. At this point, the toll booth lady yells, "Hey!" Apparently she thinks she could chase me down on foot from her booth. The more likely scenario is her telling the police officer in the next lane to pursue me. Yikes!  I waved my toll tag out the window screaming about how it didn't work. Once again, I'm frustrated because I didn't do anything wrong; it isn't my fault that the dumb equipment didn't work. These people must have to yell at someone each day, and today that someone was ME!

I don't like starting my day off this way; I'm going to pray!


Did I Really Agree to do THIS?

I have a new friend from Jordan. Once Sarah and I realized that he had NEVER been to a Mardi Gras parade, we immediately made plans to stake out the Uptown parade route this past Sunday for Bacchus. We really wanted him to have a great first experience, but in the back of my mind, I kept wondering why I had agreed to do this? Me, the girl who doesn't enjoy the carnival season. However, I had agreed and could not go back on my word.

The day was mixed with frustration and fun. It was fun seeing all the elaborately decorated floats, catching fun throws, hanging out with some good friends, and watching the people around us. Keeping dibs on our spot that we had secured at 8:45 am and fending off drunk/pot smoking folks around us was a different story. People in this city never cease to amaze me with their "anything goes" attitude.

I am so appreciative of everyone who came to hang out and maintain our spot. Also to Maggie, who cooked some delicious Gumbo for all of us. Thanks, guys and gals!

I took a few pictures of all the activities of the day. Here are my favorites.



Visiting Friends

Recently, some really great friends of mine moved away from the city. They've only been gone for a month, but I really miss them already. Last weekend, Maria, Maggie, and I took a road trip to visit them for the day and help celebrate their son's 3rd birthday. We had a blast in small town Alabama. Here are a couple of my favorites from the trip.


Another Year of Mardi Gras

Growing up in New Orleans, I slowly developed a very strong dislike towards Mardi Gras. It's not that I hate when people throw me free junk that has no value, and I actually grew up going to parades every year of my childhood. So I have been thinking and trying to put my finger on why I feel such a strong sense of detest for this holiday (notice how I've been attempting to not use the word hate).

First, I really hate traffic, and there is traffic everywhere during this time of year, before and after each parade. Also, there are multiple parades happening all at the same time.

Second, I am a pretty short gal, and it's no fun being short in a crowd of taller people. Especially, when I've made the effort to fight the traffic and get to the parade; I want to be able to see what's happening. My friends keep telling me that I need one of those ladders like the kids use. It seems weird though because we never even used a ladder when I was a kid.

Then, I've also lived in the third world and have seen extreme poverty during my lifetime. It bothers me to watch people waste so much money on parades; however, I am just as guilty of wasting money, just in different ways. Don't worry, I'm holding myself accountable too!

I think these are some great reasons why I've come to enjoy sitting at home and watching things on tv, if I can make it home in the traffic. :)

Despite all of my strong feelings, I will be braving it for one parade and one parade only this year-Bacchus! I'm even staking out a spot, so one of my friends (who is a first-timer) can really appreciate his first parade EVER! Come out and join me for a whirlwind of sober fun!


It has FINALLY happened!

As you already know, the Saints won the Super Bowl.

Does that mean hell is freezing over or that the fat lady has sung? It seems that every possible phrase of this nature has been used to describe what it would be like with the Saints in the Super Bowl. I think it is finally starting to sink in for me. We're finally WINNERS! No longer will there be bags people's heads, the Aints, or cliche phrases for our team. No wonder the city is going nuts after all of these many, many years.

I went out yesterday afternoon to the French Quarter before the game in hopes of documenting some amazing costumes. Unfortunately, there weren't as many as I thought there would be. It was a blast hanging out with Joe, photographing, and just being part of the madness. Everyone knows I'm too responsible to head out into the sea of people after the game was over. ;)

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures of the madness/parade/quarter!


It's That Time of Year

It's carnival season here in New Orleans. Most people are really excited about carnival but more excited about a Saints super bowl this coming Sunday. Crazy!

For someone like me who has grown up here in New Orleans, I never thought it was possible. The Saints in the super bowl. It is so unbelievable that I'm really having trouble wrapping my mind around it. Everything here is currently black and gold; even the king cakes are black and gold. The city is truly going nuts over our great team and what they have accomplished. Who Dat!

My friend, Joe, and I have taken it upon ourselves to document this madness that is New Orleans on super bowl Sunday with our team in the game. We'll be taking photos of all the crazy activities and crazy costumes overtaking the city. See my next post for pictures of the insanity.