Branding: Bayou Some Cake & Cookies

Not too long ago, one of my bosses approached me about designing a logo for his wife. She was going to have some of her baked goods at an event that would help spread the word about her small business. He told me the name, which I immediately fell in love with..."Bayou Some Cake & Cookies." I thought it was pretty clever, and he gave me a brief description of what he believed should be on the card (a raccoon picture). I quickly let him know that I would discuss it with his wife and was internally praying that the raccoon would disappear, pronto.

Thankfully, Janeen and I were on the same page about the direction of the design. After a few revisions and discussion of colors, we were done. I wanted to share the result here.


Branding: Joli Renee Photography

As you've probably noticed, I've been on a little break from the blog. I really wish I had time to write every day, but that just isn't a possibility right now.

Despite my insanely busy schedule, I have done some branding work in the last few months that I want to share. This is the first of a few installments.

Joli Renee Photography is a friend of my, Enjoli, who also happens to be my co-worker. She was ready to brand her new photography business, so I offered my assistance.

Being a fellow creative, she had definite ideas for her branding. We had a great time meeting together and developing her ideas together. She wanted a little whimsey with a touch of New Orleans. Here is
the final result.         


Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

At least I hope that's the case. I've been insanely busy lately because I made a big life decision. Hopefully you'll be happy to see this blog updated.

I made a plan! I'm not the type of person who sets goals for my year or my life. I may have tentative things rolling around in my head of what I'd like to do or see happen, but rarely is it anything concrete.

I've decided to go to nursing school! Feel free to take a minute, as almost everyone in my life has said, huh?

I've been a graphic designer for ten years now; that's really hard for me to admit. It makes me feel old and somewhat seasoned as professional. My career path has not looked anything like I thought it ever would, and it doesn't accurately reflect who I am as a designer. Don't get me wrong; I LOVE designing and photography! I'm actually hoping that in this new career, I'll have more time for both of those things. I also want to travel; there's a great big world out there that I want to discover and capture with my camera.

Above all of those things though, I find myself wanting to be able to help people. I feel like this will give me that opportunity and open up some other doors to serve.

I've been taking classes this semester and working full time, which is why I have absolutely no time for blogging. :) Lord willing, I'll survive these prerequisites and be admitted to nursing school for the Fall of 2013. Check out the image below of my in Biology Lab.

Despite not having much time, I have tons of images and logos that I'm want to share. Stayed tuned to see what I've been up.


Thanks, Megan!

I really wish you were me. If so, then you would have had the chance, like me, to go into my friend Megan's home last weekend. She has done a stellar job decorating and not in any of the typical ways. Everything looks perfectly put together and comforting, all at the same time. There are tons of flea market finds and hand crafted pieces alongside a custom table made from an old hurricane Katrina door. It oozes the air of warmth, style, and vintage melded together. Each time I visit, there is new gem for me to discover, and I do love discovering new things. I could put together some great photo shoots with some of her "found" things.

Like most people, her home is a reflection of who she is as a person. She is all of the things I mentioned above...warm, comforting, stylish, full of ideas, able to craft, and so much more. I guess that's why our friendship never seems to skip a beat, even though we only see each other a couple times a year now. We can share our joys and our sorrows, and friends like that are not easy to find. I'm thankful that God put her in my life, even though she took one of the joys of my life (her son) and moved away. :)

I'm looking forward to the journey that is our friendship and where our next adventure will lead. It may be a road trip, but it may be changing a diaper. Life is full of surprises.

She surprised me with this awesome prop as my belated Christmas gift. I can't wait to figure out a great way to incorporate it.

I know, you're wishing I had pictures, right? Maybe if she reads this blog post, she'll send some along for me to share with you or write a guest post about her design method with antiquing tips for those of us who are green.


PPA Extras

Since there was so much time at the EXPO (5 hours) per day to wander around, I ended up attending several mini lectures.

David & Whitney Scott
Genuinely nice people who live right near Joplin, MO where the tornadoes devastated the town. They're not just making it but thriving.

Gene Ho
He uses two fish eye lenses on two camera mounts, one in each hand for his candid set up, even at weddings. Pretty amazing stuff!

Vanessa Joy
Rob Adams
Combining motion and still shots to take your art to the next level. They're married, but have separate business. They met at a wedding. He was the cinematographer and her the photographer. :)