PPA Extras

Since there was so much time at the EXPO (5 hours) per day to wander around, I ended up attending several mini lectures.

David & Whitney Scott
Genuinely nice people who live right near Joplin, MO where the tornadoes devastated the town. They're not just making it but thriving.

Gene Ho
He uses two fish eye lenses on two camera mounts, one in each hand for his candid set up, even at weddings. Pretty amazing stuff!

Vanessa Joy
Rob Adams
Combining motion and still shots to take your art to the next level. They're married, but have separate business. They met at a wedding. He was the cinematographer and her the photographer. :)


PPA Goodness

I had been it somewhat of a rut for the few months leading up to this new year. Thankfully, I had a couple great clients that got me through the Christmas season.

I had no desire for my life to be so mundane and ordinary, but the logistics of my work schedule and everything else did not leave much room for creative inspiration.

In order make this year different, I needed a fresh start and to be re-inspired. I couldn't think of a better place to get rejuvenated and geek out with my kind of people than the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) Annual Convention. They just happened to be meeting in New Orleans, lucky me.

I attended about four seminars each day for three days, not to mention the hours I had to take in the Imaging EXPO. You cannot imagine the amount of vendors available to see; it was completely overwhelming and tempting all at the same time. I was in my own, personal geek heaven of photo equipment, props, gifts, gadgets, software, and more.

I gained so much from each of the seminars I attended. The speakers were phenomenal and funny and so willing to share their expertise. Needless to say, I gained inspiration, vision, and lots of practical business knowledge.

Here are some of the amazing, talented photographers you should check out:

Kevin Kubota
If you're looking for actions, he's got them.

Sarah Petty
Just plain fun & great at marketing!

Julie Klaasmeyer
Newborns galore!

Drake Busath
Amazing large group portraits.

Joey L
Travels worldwide, you may have seen some of his work for Ice Road Truckers

Sandy Puc'
Great photographer + great person (she's fostered so many children)

Blair Phillips
Eclectic lighting & style. He uses what's around in his small town & makes it work!

Check these guys out; they're sure to challenge and inspire you too! They make me want to work harder. I have a couple other fun people I want to mention, so check back soon for more.