Cross Processing Take One

I work at a photo store, so I'm constantly surrounded by artists. Some of them are not so good and others are amazing. When I see other people making great art, it really challenges me to learn new techniques and be better at what I do.

I still have my 35mm film camera from back when I was in college, and we were still cranking out images in the dark room. Nothing quite compares to watching your image appear in the chemicals. I'm glad I had the opportunity to process my own film in a dark room and create images the old fashion way.

So, I've been experimenting with film again.

First, I had to buy some batteries for my camera, and then there was that pesky roll that was only half shot from three years ago. Thankfully, my tried and true Canon Rebel still works, and I was able to finish my roll of black and white film.

My co-worker suggested I try shooting a roll of E-6 Slide film. The only catch is that no one in New Orleans processes E-6 film. The only way to get it developed is to process it in the C-41 chemicals, and it produces some pretty cool results. The images tend to have a lot of contrast and grain, as you'll see. I shot this roll blind, meaning, I had no clue what results I would get. In addition, every time I snapped a shot, I tried to look at the back of the camera...then I remember I was shooting film. Ha!

Here are my favorites...stay tuned for roll number two soon.


Pumpkin Carving Results

I have several friends who really enjoy carving pumpkins, or maybe just the atmosphere of friends hanging out and scooping pumpkin guts together. It is always a good time, especially when one of your friends decides to make masterpiece pumpkin carvings of their friends.

This time around I decided not to carve one myself. It's a lot of pressure for a creative person like me, and it is really hard work to do anything other than a simple pumpkin face. :)

Thankfully, my friend Cody carved some special pumpkins this year. His imagery kept me in stitches, so I just had to share his amazing skills with all of you.

Here's how it shaped up:

Meagan's Cowbell for Mississippi State
Cody's carving of our friend Jim
Cody's carving of Lou
JoLynne's Florida Gator
Walt & Josh's Superman