I've Got Nothing...

But randomness.

I regularly see odds and ends that catch my interest while I'm having a portrait session or roaming the city. Enjoy!


Rock Climbing

Let me just be straight up and admit that I didn't actually climb. I'm sure you would figure that out from the photos, but I really am somewhat scared of heights. However, I did promise Carole that if there was a next time, I would climb. I'll stay true to my word...probably! :)




I have lots of things that are my favorite; some are favorite things and others are favorite people.

Harrison is definitely ranked pretty high on my list of favorite people. He's a great little guy with so much personality and lots of vocabulary.  He's actually saying my name now, so that is a pretty priceless thing coming from someone as cute and little as him. His 2nd birthday is today, so I wanted to post pictures from his party this past weekend. His parents are wonderful folks too!


French Quarter Fest

I realize that French Quarter Fest was two weekends ago, but I'm playing a little bit of catch up here on the blog. I'm not quite as swift as my friend Joe in cranking out all my photos.

This festival is great and free, but it brings out a little bit of the crazy in New Orleans. I personally really appreciate the interesting people that this city attracts, and it is what makes New Orleans....well...one of a kind. If you haven't been yet, you should really check it out next year.

Nighttime in the French Quarter


Catching Up

I'm catching up from two weeks ago when I took these pictures of Sydney and Larson. Their grandma lives on our street and wanted these for Mother's Day. There was more pollen in their backyard than I have ever seen, so that made for an eventful session. I was picking that stuff out of my hair for an hour or two afterward. Yuck!


Lauren = Amazing!

Joe and I had the opportunity to shoot in Baton Rouge last Saturday. I was really stoked for a new location and options. I also decided that I would only shoot with my 50mm lens, which meant no zooming for me. Instead, I'd have to move back or forward to frame up the photo; it was a good challenge.

Thanks to Lauren for modeling; I can't wait for another shoot with her.