I Hate Goodbyes

Have I mentioned that I really hate goodbyes? Awhile back I found a good friend of mine was moving to take a great job in beautiful place. I am genuinely happy for him and his family, but I'm not sure about our office atmosphere without him to spice things up.

At lunch today, we had a goodbye potluck. Each time one of these things happen we all stand in a circle and share what we're going to miss about the person leaving. As you may have guessed, I never end up sharing because I'm always crying. I rarely cry, but for some reason a great person leaving our staff seems to always choke me up. This wouldn't be a big deal except that the rest of my co-workers don't even shed a single tear. How do they do it? How do they share how great the person is and talk about how much they have meant to them without even a quiver in their voice? I can understand that guys can do this flawlessly, but apparently I'm the only woman who can't verbally express myself without losing it.

Who is with me? Do you cry when you say goodbye?


Animal or Accessory?

Some of you may have seen my Facebook status update about two weeks ago. It said, "I just saw a woman pushing her dog in a stroller at the mall, what is the world coming to?" I immediately had to text a friend because I couldn't believe it.

Seriously! Since when did dogs become something other than a fun-lovin', loyal pet that plays fetch and lives in the backyard? I miss those days. Dogs have become accessories in our society today thanks to people like Paris Hilton. It is a big stretch for me to even see someone carrying their dog with them everywhere they go, so you can imagine how my jaw dropped when I saw this lady pushing her dog like a child in a stroller. Everytime I think about it, I am still amazed at how our society has evolved.