Entry Rejected

Last week a friend text me find out if I had any plans for the evening. I did not have any, but I decided to make some. My friend asked me to pick him up at his apartment, which has a gate entrance. Carole and I got in line behind several other cars all waiting to enter this apartment complex. I called our friend, and he informed me that I just needed to tell the guard his apartment number.

As we neared the guard shack, I remembered that my right window was broken. So Carole cracked the door to hand our ID's (yes, ID's were a requirement) to the woman guard. She was pretty impatient as she went away with our drivers licenses. She came back a few minutes later and informed me that we had the wrong number. Okay? So I called my friend back, and he assures me that the number I told her was correct. She comes back over, and I repeat the apartment number. She emphatically tells me that it is the wrong number, so I held out the phone for her to talk to my friend. She refused to take the phone from me. Then she just went back to her guard shack & left us sitting there holding up traffic. Carole sacrificed herself by retrieving our ID's from the scary guard who did not want to return them, and we made a u-turn to wait for him to make his way to the front. I promptly informed him that I would never be going through this ordeal again to attempt a visit to his apartment.

How does this stuff constantly happen to me, even when I'm being extra nice?